Periscope Seminary

It's Finally Here! Inside Periscope Seminary, you'll discover how to interpret the Bible for application to your personal life, family life, church life and Minisrtry life. You will learn how God's Word is as relevant to you today as it ever was, and those questions youve struggled to find satisying answers to, will be uncovered. Are you ready to get equipped for major discipleship and enhanced personal development? Then you would defintely need to register for Periscope Seminary.

Here's what's awesome: You don't have to be a seminary student or Theologian to know theologically and practically how to interpret Scripture. Take just 3 months, 90 days to go both deeper and higher in your personal walk with God by delving deeper into His Word. Your increased understanding of the Bible and personal relationship with God will not only benefit you, but will also bless those who benefit from your skill in communicating biblical principles and helping them to develop into the disciples God has called them to be. If youre ready to step out and go deep, then grab your periscope and register below. 


Bishop Curtis Harmon



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